HIP-HOP | G4SHI – “Who Made Me”


G4SHI (think Gashi) is an independent Brooklyn rapper born in Libya and of Albanian ethnicity. His family were war refugees from Kosovo who had to flee to Libya and then Europe before immigrating to the states in the late 90s. By using American hip-hop as an escape, G4SHI was able to ease the transition to his new life in Brooklyn. Growing up, he listened to 2Pac, DMX, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and The Notorious B.I.G.–and his sound reflects those influences. We really dig how G4shi has such a tight, clear sound–smooth tone and he keeps his lyrics pretty intelligent, but still conveys that hard upbringing (reminds us a little of A$AP too). G4SHI recently posted this video for “Who Made Me,”–a track about his influences–friends, parents, situations. It’s a neat glimpse into his upbringing. One rhyme we thought was quite clever: “My team never Petco cause you know we never selfish.” And then he hits us with this deep portion at the end:

Dear Mom and Dad I hope you know that I am trying
And every day that pass I know that you are dying
And I would sacrifice myself 
Live in Hell 
For eternity 
As long as I know 
When I leave, you smiling

Check out the video for “Who Made Me” below. There’s also the SoundCloud player and a FREE download link. Hope you enjoy!

Download: Who Made Me


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